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Because There are Seasons of Hope

The Christmas Tree is down, and most of the decorations are back in their rightful place, with great care and hope of  their time in the spotlight next Christmas._MG_2511

The winter has been warm, and a few roses defy the cold, and blush their joy for life in their bleak gray surroundings.


Each year, I say that Christmas will live in my heart though out the year.  But, it fades as the season of Epiphany marches into the Season of Lent.  Each season bringing a renewed joy, and renewed hope.

Maybe that is why we make New Year’s Resolutions.  We are trying to renew our hope.  I hope –  to loose weight, to begin exercise, meet someone special, to get married, to have children, to get a job, to start a savings account – I hope to get it right this year.

We wake up each day seeking hope.  I hope – to get the laundry done, hope to get motivated to clean out closets, to do the work it takes to impress the boss, to make my mark.  I am hoping today is the day that things will change.

Each hour, I hope to remember all that is on the to-do list, to remember a name of someone, to hold my tongue, to say something positive, to encourage someone.

We hope, as we edge out on what seems like thin air, to find something solid on which to stand.

“I pray that the eyes of your heart my be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of His calling” (Ephesians 1:18 NASB)

We have a gift in us, given at the time of birth, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be  developed and then given away to others.

Sometimes are hope is not realized, because our eyes are always looking forward to the next thing.  The eyes of our understanding need to be opened.

We need to see that we have the thing hoped for, given as a resource, at the beginning of time.
I have asked God for a word for the year.  I have never asked Him for this before.  I think the word is HOPE.  I’m going to run with that and see where it takes me, trusting God to  deliver me from my own wilds if I have heard him incorrectly

Happy New Year to you all! I Love you all so much!


Posted by Diane W. Bailey on January 8, 2013

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