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It has been months since I have  been able to participate in one of my favorite blogging activities, Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo Baker.  So, to say that I’m feeing a little rusty is an understatement.

The word for today is opportunity – so here goes!

Like fishing line caught up in the engine of a jet ski, so are our activites that are not directed by God.  Plans for a hope, and a future, can become a tangled mess if we are completely in charge of our own dystiny.

Our own purposes can get tangled with the Will of God, when we get ahead of Him. When we do not seek Him before casting our line into the waters of life, we simply slow down the plans that He has for us.

We know we are called to be fishers of men (women); but, throwing the line out on the wrong side, or casting out when God is backing us up, is the perfect recipe for a tangle in the engine.

untitled (23 of 145)

It is also the perfect opportunity for us to see God in a new light.

God never wastes anything – including errors made by over ambitious children – they are simply learning opportunities.  They are times when God can pull us close, hand us a boy scout knife, and explain the fine art of cutting loose fishing line cast too soon; and, line that is caught up in an engine that is suppose to take us fishing.

There are days that seem like a total disaster to us; but, those are the days that God calls, Opportunities.

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on January 4, 2013
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  1. 01/4/2013

    Loved your picture painted with God and Opportunity! I’m so glad that I was able to link over here from the FMF. May your weekend be filled with lots of blessings!

  2. 01/4/2013

    Happy New Year, Diane! And for someone feeling rusty for 5-minute-Fridays… this one was rockin! Your phrase hung in my head and I had to read it a few times: “When we do not seek Him before casting our line into the waters of life, we simply slow down the plans that He has for us.” We jump ahead, we slow progress down. Such irony, such truth to sit with. I love the way you think, and am excited to see where God takes your ponderings and writing this year. Big hugs to you, friend!

    • 01/4/2013

      Hugs back at you Laurie! Happy New Year, I’m missing you! A Laurie Fix is long over due!

  3. 01/4/2013

    You captured the essence of my heart this morning! I mess up daily, yet He takes each one and changes me (when I submit). each moment is an opportunity. I’m thankful that this broken mess of a sinful heart – is still his opportunity for beauty and sharing His grace and glory with the world.

    • 01/4/2013

      Oh Rebecca, isn’t that a story we can all write? Grace upon Grace. Happy New Year to you!

  4. 01/4/2013

    I love this Diane! Just shared with my ladies group.

    Pam Artman 1809 10th Avenue West Seattle, WA 98119 206-708-6952

    • 01/4/2013

      Thank you Pam, Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Give you family a hug for me.

  5. 01/5/2013

    Stopping by from FMF :0). I have so often fallen into that trap of getting my will all interfering with HIS! I am glad he offers us “boy scout knives” in the form of grace and unconditional forgiveness…and in working with the lines we have cast and helping us reel in the “big one” despite our mistakes! Enjoy being back with Lisa-Jo and FMF!


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