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30 Days to a Better Stepfamily – Day 17

A prayer for stepfamilies:

_mg_8740 Praying hands

Father, you are all wise and knowing.  You know the hidden thoughts of each person in this family, their fears, and their joy.

Thank you for seeing and understanding us, even when we don’t understand each other or even ourselves.  You love each one with such great passion, faults and all.  Help us to see each other with your eyes, and love with your love.  Your love casts out all fears, and loves the person unconditionally.  Help us love on this earth, as you love in heaven.

Help us let go of perfectionistic expectations in each other, and in ourselves, and embrace the person you created each of us to be; expecting the best, and giving grace in the journey.  Show us how to give mercy when no mercy is given, to seek peace when it feels like we have been pillaged. Give us joy that rises above the situation; joy enough for today.

Forgive us when we, in our human fragility, yell, get angry, temporarily quit, and hold onto wrongs done against us.  Change our unforgiveness and bondage to the past, to forgiveness and freedom to love again.

Lead us, as the family you envision us to be.  Let us live up to your expectations as a holy people, not perfect but open to learning a better way each day, to your glory and our good.

In Jesus Name I Pray,




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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on December 9, 2012
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  1. 12/9/2012

    Thank YOU!

    • 12/9/2012

      Sonya, I can take no credit. To God be all thanks and glory.

  2. 12/9/2012

    Yes. AMEN! So many struggles, so many heartbreaks connected to family. Thanks.

  3. 12/9/2012

    You continue to do a great job with these posts, Di. Too often I’ve held onto wrongs done against me, replaying them in my mind (wrongly) thinking they’ll give me peace.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. 12/9/2012

    What an awesome prayer! I stand in agreement.

    • 12/10/2012

      To God be all the glory for the inspiration, Trinity. Thank you for stopping by and visiting! Nice to meet you.


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