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Pressed for Life

“You have to put heat to it to make it hold its shape!” my stepdaughter protested.  She who is completing her senior year in fashion design at SCAD is advising me.  She who would watch needle pulling thread and Parent Trap on the couch beside me years go is now advising me.

I comply; but ironing is not my favorite task.

Pulling out the board, that looks so much like the board my mother used fifty years ago, I set the iron, more complicated than she has known, on to the board.

Spray starch now. Back when my mother was younger it was a mix of starch and water in a coke bottle with an aluminum top and cork bottom that allowed a sprinkle of the mixture on the linen and cotton clothes.

Steam rolls from the hot iron indicating that the correct temperature has been reached.

Pressing the fabric down – heat pressing compliance, steam rolls up and above my head rising up, up – And I watch water change into vapor and rise.

Putting this dress together for the Granddaughter, I construct the form, and then apply heat to causing it to hold that shape that I have determined it to have.

Is this how it is with God?  He teaches us in the way we should go, he determines our form and purpose, and then applies the heat so that the form in permanently set?

Then the fiery trials we encounter are moments for praise, this is a time of rejoicing, for He is sealing us as His forever.  And just as the fragrance of starch on freshly ironed laundry is distinctive, so is the fragrance of Christ distinctive in our lives.

So my Father in Heaven, in the fiery trials of life, I give you thanks.

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on October 9, 2012
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  1. 10/9/2012

    Hi Diane, gotta tell you…my mother told me that an iron was something you took to school for “show and tell”. Back in the ol’e days when I was still young, I actually burnt a mark on my prom gown the night of my junior prom. Oh my gosh! I will never use an iron again, but I’m sure God can press better than me! Hope you are doing well.

  2. 10/9/2012

    Love this thought “Is this how it is with God? He teaches us in the way we should go, he determines our form and purpose, and then applies the heat so that the form in permanently set?” Thanks for linking up today!

    • 10/9/2012

      Thank you Elleen for commenting and thank you for opening your blog for us to link up!

  3. 10/9/2012

    Enjoyed this post.

  4. 10/10/2012

    My grandma didn’t iron, mom doesn’t iron, and when I met my husband (who ironed everything) I informed him that I don’t iron… I guess you can say we’re kind of a frumpy lot… HA! But, I love your analogy this morning, Diane! God is the Potter and we are the clay and the molding and shaping is uncomfortable, but essential to “grow into” that beautiful vessel He can use for His glory! Thank-you for the reminder that when the “heat is on” I have much for which to be thankful :))

    • 10/10/2012

      Marisa, I love Ironed clothing…I do not love ironing. So there is always a very large stack of clothing in need of de-wrinkling.

  5. 10/10/2012

    LOVE THIS, especially “applying the heat so the form will set.” BRILLIANT, Di! And my mom had a 7 UP bottle. Gosh, I hadn’t thought of that in years!


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