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To Silence the Liar

This week I have been working with (in)courage and Susan Stilwell gathering women from all walks of life into a community we call Empty Nests ~Full Lives.

Women need other women.  We need to  hold on to coffee warm and rich as we grow friendships with warmth and rich love.  Love as Christ has loved us.

To love the weird  in each of us, the idiosyncrasies, and yes the crazy that all of us wrestle.

Trying to keep it all hidden behind masks of clothes, car, work, all this just increases the insanity and insecurity.

The liar screams,  “you are not good enough, you will never fit in.”  I believe all women hear this lie, some know how to silence it quickly, others try to argue with it, and sadly some simply surrender and agree with the lie.

Today, let us be a three cord strand with one another, to strengthen, encourage, and silence the lie in its tracks.

Linking today with Deidra Riggs,  and Sandra King

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on October 6, 2012
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  1. 10/7/2012

    Diane- this spoke to my heart deeply today- will email you !! Mary.

  2. 10/7/2012

    What’s funny is I was just saying something similar to my husband last night… I rarely feel that I fit in… rarely have. Especially with the women at church. Separately, yes. Groups? No.

    I appreciate the photo… it’s “loverly”… and the words and the Words put it together beautifully. I think I’ll be in touch re: you and Susan. See how the Lord opens the doors.

    Bless you… thank you.

    • 10/7/2012

      Joanne, I think we all have felt like this. Sadly it is all to common in the Church. The more I talk with women, the more I find that the vast majority of women don’t feel like there is a group that they can identify. But didn’t God create us relationally? First with Him then with others? Yes, He did! Then there is a group for you, even if it is you and one other having coffee. But keep looking, I promise you, those looking for a friend and a group is greater than those who seem to fit in. Even the “fit-in” may surprise you with their lack of personal connection with others.

      Please join us on Facebook at Empty Nests ~Full Lives. Already this group is bonding together. You would fit right in!

      Love you, Joanne!

  3. 10/7/2012

    That is the prefect photo for such a dynamic verse!


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