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Recognizing the Season You Are In

“Fall has arrived,” says the weatherman. Leaves are beginning to turn brown, golden and red, then gently fall silent to the ground creating a patchwork of color to blanket seeds already in place for next spring.

I look in the mirror, aglow with morning light, at the girl in an older woman’s skin.  The hand, looking more like my mother’s each day, brushes up the neck to cheek trying to return the  covering for my soul, now lined with stories made in the sun and time, to its original position.  Fall has arrived for me as well.

I think of friends who have moved to new cities,  and some who have moved on to other circles of friends and to those who now live in their heavenly home.  I think of a friend from high school with whom I have recently reconnected, and the one from my previous place of employment – timeless beauties inside and out.

We all are praying and speaking life into the next generation.  Planting seeds in our children and grandchildren, my friends and I, then blanketing them with prayer. We know the season, it is Fall for us.  And the seeds we plant are for next season – for the generations to come.   Perhaps our seeds will bring forth a mighty harvest.  Perhaps our seeds will be the ones who survive a drought, or hard winter.  Perhaps they will be the seeds that lead their generation in trusting the Lord.

And, Father in Heaven, Let us plant seeds in them that know how to plant seeds in the generation that comes after them.

For he issued his laws to Jacob;

He gave his instructions to Israel.

He commanded our ancestors

to teach them to their children,

so the next generation might know them—

even the children not yet born—

and they in turn will teach their own children.

So each generation should set its hope anew on God,

not forgetting his glorious miracles

and obeying his commands. (Psalms 78:5-7 NLT)

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The Scenic Route

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on September 25, 2012
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  1. 09/25/2012

    lovely as always. your babies are beautiful!

    • 09/25/2012

      Thank you Judy, I think they are also! But my opinion tends unilateral! 🙂

  2. 09/25/2012

    Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous words, Diane.

  3. 09/25/2012

    I agree with Michelle! Your pictures are stunning. Thanks for linking up today!

    • 09/25/2012

      Thank You Eli1een! Thank you for opening your blog to us!

  4. 09/25/2012

    I love this, Di – an girl in an older woman’s skin. That’s exactly how I feel! And YES – we are speaking into the lives of a younger generation. What an honor, but what a responsibility.

    Hugs to you today!!

  5. 09/25/2012

    Wow! I really like this Diane! I look at myself in the mirror and while I know what the me on the inside looks like, it doesn’t always jive with the me that’s on the outside. I’m still feel like the 23 year old…just with a ton more wisdom! 😉

    • 09/25/2012

      Thank you Mindy, I am frequently amazed at how old my drivers license tells me that I am, compared to how I feel! I guess that is why PV31 woman smiles at old age…she know how old she is inside!

  6. 09/25/2012

    Oh, this is a beautiful season. Just look at those seedlings :). Lovely, lovely thoughts, my friend.

    • 09/25/2012

      Thank you for the love, Laura! Blessed to have you visit.

  7. 09/25/2012
    Terrie Atchison

    Diane, Always in awe of how you capture and freeze the moment to relish forever with the lens. Your G-babies are so beautiful and your words so profoundly true. The girl trapped inside of this body feels your soul and while I appreciate the wisdom I have obtained from life’s journey I resolve to age as slowly as possible…. kicking and screaming all the way. Let’s do coffee soon.

    • 09/26/2012

      Love to have coffee soon as we kick and scream the whole way down the path to winter. You did recognize yourself in this piece…right?

  8. 09/26/2012

    That first pic of ? Gia she has rays of light beaming towards her head- made me think of the glory of God upon her life. Loved the Autumn colours too!
    Spring down under 🙂
    Many blessings dear Diane.

    • 09/26/2012

      Yes, Mary, it is our Gia, and I had the same thoughts as I was the sun beaming down on her that day. I thought about it being spring there when you wrote about the children coming up on their finals. I know you are probably ready for your summer break!

  9. 09/28/2012

    Diane, you’re such a gifted writer! I was sucked in and could relate to much of what you penned here… especially the “girl in an older woman’s skin” part and speaking and modeling for the younger generation. I think about that every time I go to teach my precious little ones. As I close my computer this morning and head off to carry out my God-given calling, I will think about the impact I have for that moment in the life of that particular child (truly a higher calling for which I am grateful). btw… I love your beautiful pics!

    • 09/28/2012

      Thank you Marisa for commenting and the gift of your kind words. I prayed for you this morning and for the next generation you are molding for His glory. I love that you see it as a higher calling and a God-given calling.

  10. 10/2/2012
    Cindy Darnell

    Refreshed by this!



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