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Joining Is…

Answering the phone I join in on the conversations, trying to choose my words carefully, and failing.

Why do I join in on such talk?  How can the joining of bitter water and sweet water stay pure and sweet?

Entering into redemption, through repentance, He bends and listens to my confessions.

And the joining is Grace.

I join my friends for lunch and we pray for each other and those who have offend us, blessing as we are commanded, not as we always feel.  His presence enters in  encouraging  our prayers.

And the joining is Mercy.

“Can you join me in prayer?”  The preacher asked

We bow our heads, and I think of joining Him.

The one who intercedes for us night and day.

The one who joins us by His spirit.

I am joined to His suffering, and His righteousness and  His heir.

I am join by His spirit in Matrimony to my husband a reflection of the marriage to come.

And the joining is Holy.


Linking today with Lisa-Jo and Graceful for a Friday get together and we join our hearts together in our love of writing, love of community, love of friendship and love of the Lord.


Posted by Diane W. Bailey on August 24, 2012
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  1. 08/24/2012

    I needed to read this today. I read the FMF story and thought, “Maybe this community of Christian women will actually be kind to me, let me join them…” and then your entry popped in. I’m praying…..

    • 08/24/2012

      Hi Julie, so nice to meet you. I hope that you are blessed today in many areas. I hope that you will stay connected to the FMF community. You are a great addition!

  2. 08/24/2012

    Very good word Diane. How do I stop? Sometimes when I “leak”, I so want to talk, when really I need to stop myself and just pray. I can also invite others to pray with me. I bet they would if I asked?

    • 08/24/2012

      I can’t imagine you ever saying anything unkind to anyone, Barb. You are such a tender hearted person. I know anyone would love to pray with you; you are a treasure!

  3. 08/24/2012

    Beautiful, poetic, and tender. Love your words, Diane and your heart here. This is lovely and your photographs, a gift. I love Friday’s and I love getting to know you through these communities. Great JOINING you here at your place for this writing excercise. Bless your weekend as you join in the living and worship with family and friends.

    • 08/24/2012

      Thank you for your Gift of Words, Wynn. I’m loving getting to know you, you are a gift to me!

  4. 08/24/2012

    This is beautiful Diane! I love how you write- so graceful and welcoming.

    • 08/24/2012

      Thank you Tousey! It is so nice to visit with you. I hope you will come by and visit again sometime.

  5. 08/24/2012

    What beautiful and gentle words with such power and promise to them. Thank you so much. This is a much needed addition to my day.

  6. 08/24/2012

    Very lovely post. It brings such a sweet spirit with the reading.

    • 08/24/2012

      Thank you, I hope you’ll visit with us again sometime.

  7. 08/25/2012

    Such wisdom, so gently and gracefully shared. Thank you!

  8. 08/26/2012
    Lisa Shaw

    Powerful…tender…convicting…comforting and a blessing all in the same breath Diane!


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