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Thou Didst Create

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on August 18, 2012
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  1. 08/18/2012
    Judy Stewart

    It is lovely and thank you for doing this. Love you

  2. 08/18/2012

    Revelation is one of my main hangouts. With lovely, creative photos combined with His Word, I anticipate that He is blessed… so are we.

    • 08/18/2012

      Thank you Joanne, I find Revelation fascinating as well. And I am a Blessed woman!

  3. 08/19/2012

    Stunning shot, Diane!

  4. 08/19/2012

    Oh Diane, its a pleasure to meet you, I am visiting from Deidra’s today. Bless your beautiful choice of GOD’s word and your gifted view from behind the camera lense. Stunning and awesome wonder. Thanks for sharing beauty today.

  5. 08/19/2012

    Pale dusty pink, patterned wings… exquisite image of His creation!

  6. 08/19/2012

    (Visiting from The Sunday Community)

    Nice photo and great verse!
    Happy Sunday…

  7. 08/19/2012

    He is worthy… He is awesome… no one is like him.

  8. 08/20/2012

    I’m on the butterfly wavelength with you this week!


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