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Get Freed Up!

As you know by now Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and her Five Minute Friday is one of my favorite activities! Today she has challenged us to write about one of my FAVORITE activities – DANCING!

I don’t think there will be much spiritual wisdom here today. But just to share a little more about who I am, I’m a Dancer! I have taken dancing and gymnastics all of my life and I love it. I wish I were still brave enough to dance on a balance beam. But I understand gravity better than I did back in my younger days.

But Dancing – dancing I can still do. The only thing I risk is my reputation. I am over fifty, and I care less and less about what people think. So at weddings I’m the one up front with the band dancing. Doc dances with me some but usually he has been hired for the pictures – so I dance!

I dance when I worship alone,

I dance when I’m cooking and I like the music,

I try to learn new dances with the young ones,

Sometimes if Doc and I are out somewhere and a song plays that we like, we will dance without a dance floor. Life is short, if you want to dance who cares if anyone likes it or thinks you are acting too young for you age? It is not for them.

Dancing is for me, it is for the Lord, it is with my husband! Others are welcomed to watch – not that I could stop them for looking – but perhaps they need to get freed up a little and live.

I’m not going to allow the opinions of others to rule or ruin my life. If I’m happy with me then why would I let anyone else make decisions about what I should and should not do?

You know I love blogging and talking to all of you so much, so let me know what makes you happy. Or let me know how you handle the opinion of other!

This weekend, take you shoes off and DANCE!

Join us at Lisa-Jo Baker’s place for Five Minute Friday and Michelle Derusha at Graceful!

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on June 29, 2012
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  1. 06/29/2012

    I love to dance too!! I never trained (piano lesson instead) but I offer up what we call my “dance of joy” whenever the mood strikes. Which, to my kids’ chagrin, is right often 😉
    And I love that gorgeous joyful pic of you — It really captures your spirit!!

  2. 06/30/2012

    Love, love these pictures, Diane – so much life, so much exhuberance. You are beautiful, lady!

  3. 06/30/2012

    Diane, loved your post and your photos!! I so enjoy the freedom of being over 50…and over what people think! One of my favorite quotes is “Dance like no one is watching.”

    • 07/1/2012

      It took a little time to get over the opinion of others, but once I did – Wow freedom is wonderful!


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