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The Invisible Hand

Mounds of sand decorate the water’s edge, with a child’s vision of grandeur and a parent’s investment of time in their gift to the future.  Sand castles of all shapes and sizes are scattered every few yards. Some remain untouched by the evening’s high tide while others collapse as the waves reach forth grabbing all of the castles possible, then returning it to the ocean.

Each castle, a marker of time with dad and mom, creates a unique design to share with the world.  Each castle an opportunity for a parent to share technique, and life lessons with their children.

In the distance is a city whose name I don’t know.  Just small communities of people like us, sharing time with each other, building sand castles on the beach.

The sun setting on that community makes it look like an ancient city far away, and my mind remembers the promise of a New Jerusalem. and I feel my heart race for just a moment.

Thoughts of grandeur, and dreams for the future when the Lord brings it all together in His own time, sweep through me mind.

But He said that Heaven is near to us here and now.  I think about the invisible hand that helps me pat the sand in my own life.  The hand that helps me turns the bucket to add another dimension to my castle.

At times there are disappointments and destruction that comes into my castle destroying all of my hard work.  But like the dads here at the beach, God’s mercies are new everyday.

And jut like the dads and moms here, He is with us in the morning to see the new day, and make decisions about how we can rebuild, make better, and add dimensions to our castles in the sand.

Each day is a new opportunity for Him to sit with His child, and teach new lessons from the Father.

Linking with Shandra Oakley and the Wellspring.

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on June 12, 2012
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  1. 06/12/2012

    May God greatly bless you.


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