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The Challenge

We tiptoe through the spheres of wet upon early morning grass to fill the feeder with grains and seeds;  a plethora of delights for our friends who fly.

Then inside to the window we go.  We sit and wait with great expectation for our guests to arrive.  Patience in the wait is rewarded as a raven alights on the pole.

Too large to prop on the small landing made for songbirds, he studies the  dilemma.  Soon he juts his head back and forth until the feeder broadcasts it treasures onto the ground.

The two-year old claps with delight causing the raven to fly away; but soon returns to collect the reward for his labor.

In the same moment, one is challenged to be still with the reward of observation, the other to work and find reward in the accomplishment.

How amazing to see each moment of life tailor-made to the goal of new growth.  To stretch the will and the mind for the work of the future that we cannot see coming.

How wrong we are when we grip and complain that our moments are not to our liking.  The traffic too heavy, the list too long, communication too difficult, the pain too great; Complaining about the moments created in an effort to grow us into His likeness.

Is He patient?  How will we know that we are patient unless challenged with frustration?

Is He kind?  How will we know that we can be kind unless faced with cruel situation?

How can one know the gifting of God, unless one is challenged to  press past their boundaries unto uncharted territory?

I have felt a challenge from God to write five days a week for the next four weeks.  This is a HUGE stretch for me and requires me leaning full-force on the creative flow of the Holy Spirit to create words and match them with photographs.  I would appreciate you prayers as I accept the gauntlet and pursue the task in hope of new growth.


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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on May 30, 2012
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  1. 05/30/2012

    Wow, Di – 5 posts a week for a month? I noticed you’d picked up the pace but had no idea you were on a mission!

    Love these shots (I have that birdfeeder, btw) and I’ll pray for the creative juices to flow!

    • 05/30/2012

      Susan, I’m a little scared!!! But it was not my call, but God’s, I’m sure he’ll pull me through. ~Di

  2. 05/30/2012

    Blessings and strength to you. Blogging 5 posts per week for the month is a big goal!
    I love the sunshine and the birds on their feeders. They look so lovely! We have to take ours down in the spring because they draw bears. Once the snow goes, we call them “bear feeders”.

    • 05/30/2012

      Wow, Bears!! How I would love to photograph them! Thank you for coming by and commenting. ~Di


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