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Just Jump!

What would you attempt, if you knew there were safe guards in place around you?

In what part of your life would you pull out your stops, and go full force into what you know God has planned for your life?

Even if it is a guess.

Jesus said he would guard you.  He has got you back.  So take the jump!

Joining with:

Deidra-Jumping Tandum, Sandra-Still Saturday, Dianna – Saints and Scripture, Katie –Scripture and a Snapshot

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on May 12, 2012
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  1. 05/12/2012

    Jumping with you today, leaping forward into dreams freshly budding after a long winter. Love the joy and exuberance of that image! 😉

  2. 05/12/2012

    I’m sure that we could do so much more if we truly learned to trust Him! Great post–something to really think about.

  3. 05/16/2012

    So awesome and thought-provoking!! Very needed in my life right now. Thank you! Amazing capture too!!! Blessings.

    • 05/16/2012

      Thank you LyndsD. Hope you are living a “Just Jump” life today! Blessings!


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