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The widows and doors are wide open this morning, bringing the sounds of life outdoor life into this home.

Frogs are croaking, rejoicing in the rain from last night, as they squish around in the newly formed mud.

A Bluejay  quickly swoops down and snatches the treasured left-over dog food from Charlie’s bowl.

I’m so relaxed here.  Why can I not always feel this way?

Why do I ever worry about fitting in, or having friends?

Why do people feel that Real Life, the Real person we are created to be, must be camouflaged?

Then I see a turtle that has somehow gotten itself into the children’s swimming pool.  Charlie and I walk out to the rescue.  Netting him, I place him on the grass, and rub behind Charlie’s ears.

You know, even at my age I still have a little bit of the junior high school girl inside.  I want to be liked, and have lots of friends. It would be easy at times to become who others think I should be, or behave as others think I should behave.

But I have enough real life experiences now that I can speak softly to the young girl inside with words of wisdom, words of love, and words of remembering how God works.

God, like any good parent wants the best for His child.  He has created me perfectly – even my faults He calls perfectly made because they help to accomplish His will in my life.

He is also the one who said it is not good for man to be alone.  He knows the friends that fit with the way I am made, and he will bring those together with me. Like the frogs in the mud, He has and will continue to bring those who love what I love, Live like I live,  And who love me for me.

I am so thankful, for my friends, and the gentle reminder to live as He has created me. Keeping it Real!

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on May 4, 2012
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  1. 05/4/2012

    Beautiful and very REAL post. Luv it!

    • 05/4/2012

      Thank you. I love the name Grace and Grit…That sounds like a great southern name. Are you from the South?

  2. 05/4/2012

    Beautiful post, and gorgeous photos!

  3. 05/4/2012

    Beautiful photos! I have a little junior high girl in my head too. I spend a lot of time whispering Truth to her.

  4. 05/4/2012
    Terrie Atchison

    My Fabulous Friend,
    The mirror is the reality reminder that we have traveled many miles from Jr. High. Our minds still think the same thoughts we did back then but the years of experience and lessons well learned from youth and every season of life we have gone through make us the seasoned, well rounded, level headed graceful women we are today. I am honored to have you as my wonderful friend and I always enjoy the time we share talking and giggling like school girls. Terrie

    • 05/4/2012

      Terri my sweet friend,we have been through so much together through the years. We are like garlic and sweet onions in the skillet of life. Simmered down and enhancing the flavors of any casserole we find ourselves in! Love ya!

  5. 05/5/2012

    More gorgeous photos, and I LOVE this phrase: speak softly to the young girl inside me. , I never really thought about it, but that is SO true.
    Awesome thoughts for me as I pack up and head to Charleston for a week with my sweet Sarah! (woohoo for the end of the semester!!)


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