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Flowery Lamp

Here is a fun weekend project for a little girl’s room.  I saw a Night Light Lamp at a high end children shop a few weeks ago and decided that I could make it!  Now so can you!  The asking price for this lamp in the store was close to a hundred dollars, and we are going to make it for about twenty dollars.

What you will need:

1 Hot Glue gun and lots of glue sticks

A Night Light Lamp Shade

1 bag of small pink Pom-Poms

3 cluster of Silk Flowers ( Hobby Lobby had them for half -price today)

If your daughter has a character theme in her room, you could hot glue a small stuffed character to the base.

So here we go – Remove lamp shade from lamp

Take the silk flowers and remove them from the stems.  Then remove any plastic that is attached to the slik petals.  You want to work with only the silk petals.

Then begin gluing petals to the shade, one layer on top of each other as they were when plastic held them together.

Then glue a pom-pom in the center.

I began in the center, making a row all the way around the middle.  Then I worked my way to the edges, alternating the different colored flowers.

Should you have any questions please leave a comment and I will answer as fast as possible.

If you make this lamp shade, please post it on your facebook and then tag me!  I would love to see what you creative moms come up with!

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on May 3, 2012
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  1. 05/3/2012

    Great idea that turned out well. Wish I had the time to fun stuff like this.

    • 05/3/2012

      You would be great at it I’m sure, Gin. What is new about your car?

      • 05/4/2012

        I’ve had it in 4x. They covered the repair which would have been very costly(gaskets/engine), found another problem while fixing it and parts were at cost. Very happy about that and they actually picked Rachel up from her day program while my grandson, Greyson, and I rode along. My car’s ignition locked up, should have let them take care of it with the other repair, I had been using graphite for about 4 months. It all worked out..I just need to hear the word to purchase a new car.

      • 05/4/2012

        Gin, “WORD!”

  2. 05/4/2012

    I love this sweet flowery lamp! Thank you for sharing this great idea! 🙂

  3. 05/5/2012

    Oh my gosh, Di – that’s SO CUTE! My daughter is crafty and is moving into a house with some of her small group friends next semester. This will spark a lot of ideas for her. Thanks!!


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