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Insane is the only way to describe the week.  A grappling hook of life has grabbed me by the collar and dragged me across the past week.

Running through life at break-neck speed, to arrive at a hotel and slow down before taking off again.

Sitting stoically trying to place order to all that swims around in my mind, I look down at the pattern in the carpet. It  looks like snakes swimming in a blue sea. The muscles in my back tighten around my spine as I look away.

Too much imagination (I don’t like snakes).

The blank wall that holds my stare, as my eye lids slowly rise and fall, resisting the slumber that still clutches the body  that has been sleep deprived.

This earthen vessel that has been used full-out over the years is tired.  Cheerleading, gymnastics, teaching step aerobics with weights, and running have taken its toll on the joints.

And running.

Running after dogs that have escaped the yard.

Running after children,

Running after teenagers,

Running a 5K for charity,

Running to keep up,

Running to fit-in,

Running ahead,

Running behind,

Running in circles,

Running at the mouth,

Running into walls,

Running like a chicken with its head cut off!

And then there are times, when I run with intentional purpose, vision, with an over flowing cup, excited and ready.

Looking for opportunities for to share the over flow of my soul with any who are weary.

I hear doc in the next room.

Together we run as one.

Together we are more and more becoming one,

One good set of eyes,

One good set of ears,

One good set of hips and back…

Running as one this race of life.  Together dodging the obstacle in the path, holding on to each other when the grappling hook indiscriminately grabs one of us, as the other tries to stay grounded.

Again my eyes drift back to the sea of snakes posing as carpet, and smile as I realize, they are under my feet and I walk on them.  Just as I should be.

And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you” (Romans 16:20 NIV)


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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on April 30, 2012
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  1. 04/30/2012

    wonderful ~ Inspiring~ and funny!
    I need this analogy today!

  2. 05/1/2012

    Love that, Diane. Especially the part where you crush the snakes 😉

    • 05/1/2012

      Yeah, Susan, You should have seen me twisting as I walked after finding that verse! Those snakes are history!

  3. 05/1/2012
    Megan Burney

    Good job Momma! I love you

  4. 05/4/2012

    Oh, I feel this, my friend. And I just ready your 5 minute friday post where you asked, “why can’t I feel this way aways?” How that resonated. Finding peace in your words tonight.

    • 05/4/2012

      Thank you Laura. I know we all face challenges but it still surprises me when I hear another woman say ” me too!”


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