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A Message Sent in DNA

Soap and Baby Lotion are her fragrances. She clutches the blanket, whose color is of tenderness, and whose lace took days to make. Long chocolate ringlets cascade over my shoulder. Her forehead hides in the bend of my neck, and my hair covers hers, as I whisper to her softly, words of life.

Gently we rock in the coolness of the night.

How amazing it is to witness the next generation. How bless to have her heartbeat resting on my heart, as we wrap our arms around each other. This is my reward for not resigning from parenthood during those teen years.

I have heard it said, “Children have never been good at listening to their parents, but they have never failed to imitate them.” This can be for the good or for the shame of both parent and child.

The daughter, who had me pulling at the roots of my hair, and learning to dig deep in the Word for wisdom, has blossomed into the most amazing mother.

Once in a while, I will allow myself to smile, as I recognized my voice or actions in my daughter’s. Then, I know that I did the job well. Despite many boundaries pulverized, and restrictions that limited her movements, and mine as well, she learned the life lessons taught, and is now teaching them to the next generation.

Yes, teach a child in the way she should go and when she is old she will not depart from it. How many times did I quote that Bible verse, daring to believe that it would be true? (Proverbs 22:6)

And the tiny hand of the next generation is covered in kisses, as it curls around my finger.

Neil Postman once wrote, “Children are the living messages we send to the time we will not see.

May my message to a time I will not see be:

To Find the Good,

Seek Pure Truth,

To Give Thanks in All Things, knowing that He who is with you from the beginning of time, will see you through to the end, and then bring you home, again.

What about you? What messages do you hope to send to a time you will never see?

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on April 18, 2012
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  1. 04/18/2012

    “Children are the living messages we send to the time we will not see.”

    Thanks for this. I will think about this some more and also notice how my messages to my children were interpreted and are now being given to my grandchildren. Mindboggling!

  2. 04/18/2012

    As a mother that still has little’s at home, this is both encouraging and intimating. It’s so easy to see the ways that we are failing. I do hope to send the message that this world is not our home, and seeking and serving Christ are the most important things that one could ever do.

    • 04/19/2012

      Heather, It is never too early to plant seeds. Begin praying for their spouse to be godly, their fatih to be strong, and their job be a ministry. I’m so glad you stopped by today and commented. Come by again.

  3. 04/18/2012
    Terrie Atchison

    Oh Diane, What precious moments captured forever to savor in ages to come. She is just beautiful. I fully appreciate these moments with you . Today I held the future in my arms as I said good bye to my last grandparent, my dad’s mom. As I remembered all the wonderful special ways she loved each of us I looked into my granddaughter’s beautiful eyes with the same love I was given and realized it was just her love moving down through the generations. Again beautiful pictures of the jewel of you heart.

    • 04/19/2012

      I whish I had known your grandmother, Terri. Terri, you should really begin blogging, you are a wonderful writter. Let me know if I can help you get started.Love you, Girl!

  4. 04/19/2012

    Very powerful, thank you.

  5. 04/19/2012

    Diane, enjoyed the writing and the pictures. What a legacy you have. May God continue to bless you and your family. I think is also a blessing to plant seeds in our grandchildren.

    • 04/19/2012

      Thank you Gin. You are a blessing in my life as well!

  6. 04/19/2012

    So blessed by your words. Each time I see my own grans I purpose to make our times memorable as they are always so short, an opportunity to learning something new, to pass something on is so appreciated. In our busy lives, it’s great to take the time to commit and build legacies for the next generation to enjoy.

    • 04/19/2012

      Thank you Maggie,We grandmothers have a responsibility to our Grands.

  7. 04/19/2012

    Oh my. Just.Beautiful. Sitting here thinking about the generational blessings we can leave, long after we’ve passed this way. And, too, I’m remembering those who went before, shaping me: mom, Granny T., Aunt Gladys, many others … Thank you for this.

    • 04/19/2012

      Jennifer, that is so very sweet, thinking of those who have passed down to us. We are the time they are not seeing…Gives us pause to think about what our life looks like today. Thank you for commenting.

  8. 04/28/2012

    Oh Diane… the pics and words are beautiful. I so desire to pass down blessings to my daughter, that she would never experience otherwise. In Christ I trust – that He is able because I know I fail. Great quote from Neil Postman “Children are the living messages we send to the time we will not see.” Thanks for sharing.

    • 04/28/2012

      Thank you Barb. I only hope that my children and the generations yet to come will always hear the right message.


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