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Gently she teases my eye lids to rise, “Come and see”.  First one lid then the other, slowly responding to her call.

It has arrived, the cyclical gift, a present participle of the Word made flesh. The light of the world risen.

The gift, she lingers here and there, pointing out the fine details of the present, the signature of the Creator.

And the Creator, the artist, is excited for me to see this painting.  Washed in dew for the display of His Splendor.

I look at the painting, I see the colors painted in light, I see the rich depth of shadows, a day like no other.

Warmth of the sun reveals the day’s fragrance – roses and jasmine. Bulbs pregnant with the promise of bloom;  Trees,  inhaling the toxins, and returning breath.

Over the waters she shows me His breath, which still hovers in the early mornings, just as it did in Eden.  As if dancing, the breath gently glides over the waters, perhaps rejoicing that I can see the gift from the beloved.

Joining with Lisa-Jo, the Gyspy Mama and Five Minute Fridays.

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on April 6, 2012
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  1. 04/6/2012

    This is so lovely, so very beautiful and I love your pictures as well. Have a blessed Easter 🙂

  2. 04/6/2012

    Very poetic. Love the photos too!

    • 04/6/2012

      Thank you Kim. Love the Box Turtle on your Blog page! Nice to have you stop by; Please come-by again.


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