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Perhaps He Will Add More Days

Waking up at 4:00 a.m. I pull on my clothes trying not to awaken Doc., stumbling across old creaking floors has become a skill…two steps right, then straight…I have learned over the years which ones betray my position, and which ones remain loyal.

Pouring liquid energy into the insulated travel mug – one sugar, milk, almond extract.  The swishing of the spoon could lull me back to sleep.

I load my travel bag –  computer, plug, apple, plum, cell phone charger, glasses, Bible, Journal, books to be read – all is piled into the car and the two-hour drive begins.

On the road I listen to worship music and try to recite the fifth chapter of Mathew…I have memorized half-way through.

My prayers are whispered out to the one who never leaves or forsakes, ” Be with Daddy”.

I asked daddy yesterday, how he was feeling about the upcoming surgery.

” You just get on the table and know that God has your days number.  Not one will come up missing.  And who knows, He might be having so much fun with me, and our job, that he will add more days to play.”

Daddy is call the Pepperment-man, at church.  He is a self-appointed greeter, at the door of the church, handing out peppermint, and welcoming everyone who crosses the threshold. At age eighty-three they pretty much let you do whatever makes you happy.  Especially when you have been a member for about thirty-five years.

But life has become exceedingly painful to stand, sit and walk for the Peppermint-man.  Today the hip is having surgery.  I have no doubt that he will make friends, and know the whole life story of all the nurses, and surgeons, before they administer the anesthesia – they will tell him things that they have not thought of in years.  He just has that way about him.

If the Lord brings him to mind this week, would you please mention him back to the Lord?  I will keep you posted on his progress.  You would love this man if you could meet him.  Perhaps more importantly,  you would know that he loves you,right off-the-bat!

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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on April 1, 2012
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  1. 04/1/2012

    Oh Diane… your writing truly captivates me. Yes, it does! So keep writing and taking those beautiful pictures that tell His story. I love this peppermind man too. I pray for his surgery for I have fallen in love with his greetings. But I have to tell you, that I haven’t yet memorized chapters of the Bible. Oh well…if God tells me to, I will. But my heart is for Him, for His people and I love reading your posts. Sweet blessings my dear writer friend.

    • 04/2/2012

      Thank you so much sweet friend. I should be sleeping right now to go to Birmingham to see him in the morning, but I am restless. God will provide, either sleep or a sharp mind in the morning. Love you~Di

  2. 04/2/2012

    I am praying Diane.

  3. 04/2/2012

    I’m praying for your sweet dad right now! Hope all goes well. My dad has had both hips replaced TWICE, so I know how you feel. Praise the Lord for his wonderful attitude and for all his years of faithful service. How sweet to be known as the Peppermint Man!

    Hugs to you!!

    • 04/2/2012

      Thank you Susan that is encourageing. Thank you for the prayers as well. I have just left the room while they begin with the IV’s. Are you going to Allume or Pv31 this year?

      • 04/2/2012

        Don’t think I can swing Allume, so take good notes and let me know what you think!! P31 – Maybe. Both my kids are taking summer classes at their colleges, so we’re trying to coordinate off-weekends for them. I’d love to go back, mainly because of all the P31 grads I’ve met online!!

        Keep me posted on your dad. Praying his surgery is quick and easy!

      • 04/2/2012

        Will Do!

    • 05/20/2012

      Welcome to the family of bloggers, Josy! So glad you have stopped by Life Images. Your words are so kind and encouraging. I hope you will stop by and become a regular contributor, joining in the conversations.


  4. 04/2/2012

    This is a beautiful piece of worship here, Diane. I feel blessed by the opportunity to offer up prayers for your father the Peppermint Man and for you.

  5. 04/2/2012

    This makes me want to meet your Pepper mint Man!…and you!! I enjoyed this! Thank you.

    • 04/2/2012

      Bobbi, you can come by anytime. Peppermint man never meets a stranger, nor do I!

  6. 04/2/2012

    I will pray for your daddy, know the feeling as my own is in the process of dying and it is very hard to watch and be a part of. May your Easter week be one of rest and restoration and deep peace in your heart.

  7. 04/2/2012

    I am praying now for the life of the peppermint man to be in His hands, and for you too, that you would feel his presence more than ever before.

  8. 04/2/2012

    Just prayed for the peppermint man…your dad sounds like a very special person. Thanks for sharing the photos and his story.

  9. 04/2/2012

    What a wise man. Our days truly are numbered by God–and there’s no such thing as dying too soon or living too long. We live and die exactly when God intends that we do so. What great peace and comfort that brings.

    • 04/2/2012

      Thank you Beka, there was great peace and wonderful results.

  10. 04/2/2012

    Thank you everyone for your prayers today. Peppermint man did amazingly well. There was very little bleeding despite the Coumadin that he has been taking. That in its self is a miracle.

    Then his bone was so dense that, the router that smoothed the area, almost broke! Not bad for an eighty something man.

    Three hours after surgery he was up walking to the door and back to bed…Amazing!

    I am so blessed to have you precious bloggers in my life. I have no doubt that he is doing well because of you standing in the place between earth and heaven, calling out his name to our Father.

    I owe you a great debt of thanks.


  11. 04/2/2012
    Terrie Atchison

    Diane, Late in reading about your daddy but so relieved to hear that all is well. It seems that God has made him out of Good Hard “Wood” and he is not yet finished with his duties of peppermint distribution. Prayers of thankfulness and full recovery for him offered up to our Amazing God.

    • 04/3/2012

      Thank you precious friend. Coffee Friday?

      • 04/3/2012
        Terrie Atchison

        I would love to. Call me.

  12. 04/3/2012

    I will surely say a prayer for your sweet papa. And hugs for you too. These things are trying for the loved ones too.

    I recognize that statue of Jesus from a very similar ph oto I took behind Jackson’s Square a few years ago. Beautiful!

  13. 04/4/2012

    I enjoy your writing.

    • 04/4/2012

      Thank you, Denise. You will be the first to know that there is a new look coming in a few weeks!

  14. 04/9/2012

    “Not one will come up missing. ” What rest that gives in any trial, to know that all of our days are in His hands. So glad the surgery came out well and Peppermint Man will be able to continue to pass out joy with peppermints

    • 04/9/2012

      Thank you Barbara, he will attend church in two more weeks to hand out Peppermints. He is threatening to take a walker out to the tennis court to play tennis! I can only hope that we all take after him! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Come back and visit again!


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