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The Gift of Sight

My precious Lord God, for the Gift of Sight, I give You thanks.

Linking up with the Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday writing using the word GIFT and posting late to, Playdates.

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on March 30, 2012
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  1. 03/31/2012

    Beautiful photos!

  2. 03/31/2012

    I love, love that turtle slowly stepping into the waters. Of course, the other pictures are fabulous too. But God is speaking to me today in the picture of that turtle. Everyone knows how slow turtles are; and yet, step by step, the turtle gets to where he is going. So with each step I take, I am getting closer to that plunge in the spirt of God – His living fresh waters. Thank you.

    • 03/31/2012

      What a wonderful thought relating to the turtle, Barb. Hope you “plunge” this weekend. ~Di

  3. 03/31/2012

    I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the turtle. In fact, I think God has used a turtle to speak to me about the slow day-to-day steps in my everyday life. So many times it seems like I am going nowhere, but really, I’m still moving forward to my destination. I hope to plunge into His fresh living waters – just like that turtle. Thank you Diane.

  4. 04/2/2012

    Beautiful images!! I absolutely love the last one! Gorgeous. And yes, I am so so thankful for sight, for there is so much beauty to see in this world.


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