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Where Fear Becomes Fearless

They stand, staring at the camera, eyes with sadness, sometimes anger that comes from deep within.  Arms, legs, are twig thin and bellies swollen, paradoxically, from lack of food.

Mostly naked and living in trees to keep from being a meal for the hyenas, they huddle together to survive.  Where do five-year olds learn to survive?  How do the older ones know how to care for the younger?
Where does their hope come to make it through another day?

For these dark images I do apologize, but I have been in touch with a friend who is a missionary in Sudan.  She fights on the front lines to keep women from being inventory in human trafficking.  She provides loving arms of a mother, food and  clean clothing to the orphans left behind.  She is the point at which fear becomes fearless, and brave is what you put on like a blouse each day.
Her name is Kimberly, she is my hero, and my definition of Brave.

 Joining Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo , the Gypsy Mama.

Posted by Diane W. Bailey on March 16, 2012
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  1. 03/16/2012

    beautiful tribute… sounds like an amazing lady.

    i love the image of putting on brave just as you put on your blouse…


  2. 03/16/2012

    Great writing about an amazing woman. I’m sure there is a book of testimonies about what God is doing through her and about the precious lives she is rescuing.

    • 03/16/2012

      Yes, Gin there is! It is called

        Passport through Darkness An amazing story and a great summmer read!
  3. 03/16/2012

    Yes, your friend is the definition of brave, indeed. What a beautiful sacrifice.

  4. 03/18/2012

    Your friend Kimberly is a beautiful example of God’s love. My heart breaks; I don’t know how she can do this – it must be God. Thanks for sharing.


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