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Her Name is Tender

Tender is not always my companion.  She slows me down and keeps me from being able to  place another check mark on my to do-list.

Tender sees people more than the task and stops to say “Hello, How are You?” then she listens to their reply.

Accomplishment and I team up more frequently.  We can get more done in one day than most people.  We are a speed boat, and we tend to leave people dead in our wake.

Lately, I have heard Tender calling to me.  I long for her company.

Accomplishment has left me lonely and frustrated.  

Accomplishment is an addiction and must be fed too often.

There is a sense of purity with Tender, a kind of cleansing.  I empty myself of my own burdens so that I can learn to partner with her.  I try to remember to introduce Tender to my friends.

I look for Tender daily along with her sisters Mercy and Grace.  Their words of kindness are quite, whispered into the soul of another.  Like a bulb underground feeling the warm touch of the sun,  Tender touches another and a new life quietly blossoms.

And the cycle  of Tender begins again in the heart of another.

Beholding Glory


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Posted by Diane W. Bailey on January 27, 2012
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  1. 01/27/2012

    Oh, I love this! Funny, I tend to be so tender I often don’t get what I want accomplished 🙂 Nice to meet you via The Gypsy Mama!

    • 01/27/2012

      Carrie, Thank you for stopping by! It’s so nice to meet you. Sounds like we could be friends and really encourage each other!

  2. 01/27/2012

    Loved your analogy and we certainly do need both tender and accomplishment. Tender and compassion are linked when we pray for the needs of others. These two work hand in hand to cause miracles to occur. Accomplishment is what we find at the end of our race. Found you at Brag on God Friday.


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