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You are Not Going to Believe My Day

Okay, usually my blogs are a little more quite and thoughtful, trying to see Images of Christ in all things.   But I just need to tell you about the last 24 hours of my life.  You are not going to believe this.

It began last night.  As I was waiting for a red light to change I notice that from time to time a bright light would flash.  I didn’t realize what it was, until it was too late.  Going through the green light, it turned yellow.  Then came the flash of bright light, and I realized  it was the camera taking pictures of people running the red light.  I promise you, it was yellow!

5:00 A.M.  I get up early this morning to have some quite time, before the plumber gets here to check a slow draining tub. As I step out of the shower, I receive a call.  My husband, Joseph, is on his way to work and his Excursion has died.  He is 30 minutes into an hour and a half drive to work.  He believes the alternator has died but,  if I will go to Wal-Mart for him, and get two new batteries he thinks we can trade cars.  Then I can take the Excursion to the mechanic for repairs.

6:30 A.M. I am in the 24hour Wal-Mart buying batteries and driving them to my husband who is waiting on the side of the road.  We get the first battery out and the new one in, then the second one comes out.  As he is taking the old battery to the back of the car, I help by lifting the new battery into place under the hood.  Joseph comes back to the front of the car.  Trying to hurry and get to work, he grabs the cables and puts one in place, then the other onto the battery.

As he places the last cable on, there is a loud “POP” sound, and flames begin shooting up out of the battery.  Apparently, someone had place the battery in backwards…

Anyway, we grab an old battery from the back, HE places it into the car, and I am able to drive it to the mechanic.  ( Thank you, Lord!)

9:30 A.M. I’m home, and the plumber informs me that the reason the tub is draining slowly is because, there are roots growing into the drain from outside. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

As I type, the wrecking crew is ripping out the wall and tub!

I’m trying to find a God moment in all of this.  The only two things I can think of right now is, that the Excursion cranked after all of that, and that I filled my car with gas last night (after I ran the YELLOW LIGHT).

I’m posting some pictures, not because they go with this blog, but because they make me smile.

Find a way to smile today!


The River’s Shore

“The Lord our God spoke to us at Horeb, saying, ‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain.  ‘Turn and set your journey’” Deuteronomy 1:6-7 (NAS)
I received this word from the Lord years ago, and then nothing happened.  Pushing and pressing trying to make it happen only drained my strength.
God’s timing is never easy, like sitting on the river shore waiting for fish to bite.  You use your best pole, and the choice bate, but nothing happens. 
The sun is past its peak, and your life seems that way as well.  Too old to begin new, gone too far to change directions, constant interruptions and detours.  Yet you know in your heart the dream is still alive.  You know in your heart that the Lord has made a promise.  
Why is it taking so long, Lord?  I am like grass and will be gone before long.
Waiting on God is so hard when there is no map to check our location or our progress. Like going down the river with no paddle.   Faith seems to be a river that flows with shallow areas along the way.
Yet, the river is at its crest when the rain has been the greatest.  That is just the way it works.
Just when you are ready to pack it up and quit, your pole bends.  God is funny that way.  Maybe He has lessons to teach in the waiting.  Maybe He just is in not hurry because He loves the quiet time on the shore with you.

When God places a dream in your heart, it is His dream for you before it is ever your dream.  It is His plan for you long before it is a promise to you.
Be patient in the waiting.  One day He will come and say to you, “Rise up, You have stayed long enough at this mountain.  Turn and set your journey.”

Nailed Down

Knowing the Will of God can be difficult.  Trying to walk with confidence in His Will is difficult when we can only see as far as the next step.

But God’s plan is not based on our understanding, but on our obedience to simply take the next step.  To do what is right today.  He has the plan, and it is nail down.  But we don’t have the eyes to see the nails. Our eyes were not made to see the nails.  We have eyes to see the path before us today.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of what is ahead, but never the whole path.  Maybe that is because seeing the path is not the most important thing.  What is important may be, more about who is leading on the path, and the relationship that is created in the journey.  Today I think I’ll get away from books that tell me about Christ, and go outside and walk with Him.
Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not calamity to give you a future and a hope.”

Sit for a Spell

 I love to talk with people whose walks of life are different from my own.  Though their walk may be different each person has a story of joy and sorrow.  The blacksmithing conference at Tannehill State Park  brought together people who otherwise, may never get together. Doctors, farmers, lawyers, radio station managers, mothers, children the list goes on and on.

The men stayed in the blacksmith shop, while the women, old and young alike, went to the top of the hill and learned to make baskets.

Sitting together the women share stories.  One story of a friend who died and a bracelet worn her memory, one heroic story of a positive attitude during chemo and the pink “rally hat” worn to cover the newly exposed pink skin.

 A woman with a terrific sense of humor, began her story with, “Did I tell you about the time my cell phone committed suicide in my glass of red wine?”  Then told her story of being abandoned by her husband.

Each person telling their stories that they kept hidden deep in their hearts.  Stories also of a marriage restored, a passion finally realized, and philosophy of joy.

Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees; sometimes we cannot see the trees for the forest, unless we stop and sit for a “spell.” 

 It would have been easy to have fun at the conference as a whole and not slowed down to look into the faces of the other people.  I would have missed the greatest blessings of all had I not “sat down for a spell” and listened.
As a grain a sand in an oyster brings forth a pearl, our sorrows, taken to Christ bring forth something of great value.  String of Pearls speaks of the stories in the heart and reminds us  to take it all to Him, and by the end of our lives we will have a String of Pearls.  


The Season is changing again, as it always does. 
Ducks flying in V-formation to the ponds, soaking in the golden sun.
The air begins to cool, but the ground holds its warmth a little longer.
A little older, a little wiser, a little more gentle toward others.
Remembering the wonders of childhood, when the smallest things could make me stop and stare in wonder.
Change is not always easy.  Change is releasing with one hand, as we stretch forward and grasp with the other.
Welcome fall, Welcome late rains, Welcome change.

“While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and Summer and

winter, and day and night shall not cease” Genesis 8:22


I became accustomed to sleeping with the lamp on and my Bible in the bed with me after someone began stalking me and making threatening phone calls.  I would hear noises outside, but the police could never find anyone.  I had spent so much money trying to secure the house, only to discover that my attempts had been of no help.  One night I awoke, and the lamp was on as usual, but I could smell bread baking.  I thought I must have been so stressed out that I’d forgotten to turn the oven off, and I ran to the kitchen.  It was cold and dark.  Nothing was cooking, nothing was turned on, and there was no smell of bread.  As I got back into bed, I could smell fresh bread again.  I told myself that this was God’s way of comforting me because fresh bread was served at Sunday dinner with the family all around.  I did feel comforted, and I went back to sleep.

This is an excerpt from my book, String of Pearls.  I believe Christ was with me that night long ago. To find out how I realized He was there read, String of Pearls.

Would you like to received a signed copy of String of Pearls?  Leave a comment and you will be in for a drawing of, String of Pearls.  One signed copy of, String of Pearls, will be given away on September 19th, 2011.