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Memorial Thoughts

This morning Joseph and I were riding in the car listening to public radio.  The Battle Hymn of the Republic was playing and I was taken back in time to Jr. High and our Glee Club.  Each year we would have a concert of all the songs we had learn that year and the Battle Hymn was our grand finale.

Joseph indulged me as I sang the Alto line through the verses and all of the glory Hallelujahs. As I sang, I could see the desk I sat in for practice, the piano in the front of the room with Mrs. Virginia Jones playing. She had one hand on the piano and with the other she was directing us.

The verse I remember the most clearly from that song has a phrase, “As He died to make us holy, Let us die to make men free”.  Even as a youth I marveled at those words.  Jesus died so that we could be free of the slavery to sin.  As an example of His loving sacrifice we have gone to battle for the freedom of others; The freedom to choose their faith and exercise it without fear; the freedom to raise a family and educate them as we see fit; the freedom to bear arms.  The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This Memorial Day, I remember the friends from school who served or cared for those who served in our armed forces.  I also remember the family and friends we have lost.  Thank you that we can gather, grill, display our country’s flag with pride today.  We can do those things without fear.

As He died to make men holy, Dad, Uncle Carl, Uncle Joe, Uncle Frank, Nephew Joe, Friends Jim, Ronald and Todd, those known and unknow, died to make men and women free…

Thank you for all you have given us.  May we be wise and hand down to the next generation a better tomorrow.

Categories: memorial day
Posted by Diane W. Bailey on May 30, 2011

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