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Mary Treasured These Things In Her Heart

“And Mary treasured all these things in her heart”, Luke 2:51.  What an amazing heart.  A heart to say “Yes”, and believe the God who could do what had never been done before.  A heart to give birth to a miracle and watch Him grow, raising Him in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  A heart to open her arms wide, and allow her soul to be pierce, and let Him go.

Yes, Blessed are you among women.  Through a woman sin entered the world.  Through a woman a redeemer has come and will come again.  Not as a Baby, but as the mighty, warrior King.  And on his thigh is written “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”.

Merry Christmas!



String of Pearls

String Of Pearls should be on the shelf early 2011!

Watching God take such tragedy and sorrow, then weave His great love and healing into it, creates a life with Him that is truly the greatest adventure of all.